About me

Recipe for Polish  – Polish for foreigners & communication

My name is Tomasz Wegner, I’m the owner of Recipe for Polish / Przepis na polski, a teacher of Polish as a foreign language and communication consultant. I like watching movies which are looking for something and the music that I’ve never heard before. I also like reading, especialy modern novels and economic books. I like ride my bike around Warsaw. As a teacher, I like to be inspired by all these activities to prepare interesting and effective classes of Polish for my students from all ofer the world.

Call me, if you need any support in the following areas:

– courses of Polish as a foreign language,

– crosscultural workshop and integration in your organisation,

– writing and proofreading in Polish and Russian.

You can get to know me by my internet profiles and activities:



http://daocha.grudz.pl/ – blog o życiu w Harbinie na północy Chin (partly in English only, sorry… But there is still many pictures)